St. Helen’s Hemp Works would like to thank each and every medical professional, first responder, and all the people who continue to keep our community, country, and world safe, fed, informed and functioning. Thank You!


COVID-19 is affecting all of our communities and families. As a USDA Certified Organic Processor and Food Handler we are fortunate to work in an industry and environment that requires a very high degree of cleanliness and sanitation. We have always been dedicated to upholding the best industry standards. Our approved Certified Organic Standard Operating Processes ensure the integrity and quality of all of our products.


  • All products are made in lab-grade borosilicate scientific glassware that is cleaned between each use with strong, approved cleaners and disinfectants.

  • Filling lines are cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the workday.

  • Avoiding bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods.

  • Disinfecting and cleaning our entire facility frequently and thoroughly.

  • Our Facility has always been closed to the public and all authorized personnel are required to wear protective glasses, gloves, lab coats, hairnets, masks and booties.

  • Currently we are only permitting 1 person at a time to be in the lab and taking temperatures before allowing them to enter.

  • Ensuring employees are washing hands properly (Soapy 20 second rule) and practicing good personal hygiene.


Fortunately we started isolation and social distancing protocols early in February and our staff remains healthy. Each of us understands we must stay home if sick or potentially exposed to a person who is sick, and are following routine cleaning and sanitation procedures.


Our hearts go out to those affected and hope everyone stays safe and healthy. We continue to monitor the situation and remain committed to meeting and exceeding the required safety standards as directed by ODA, OHA, FDA, USDA. 

Stay safe everyone.