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Our versatile Elixirs offer discreet, easy ways to dose anytime or anywhere. Certified Organically grown and processed. Made without alcohol or sugars. Vegan and non-GMO. The measured dropper offers quick and accurate dosing when you’re on the go. Add to your hot tea, latte or any food or beverage of your choice. For more direct relief, drop directly under the tongue and hold for quick absorption.

Our Full Spectrum Naturally Organic CBD Elixir is made with a solventless Supercritical CO2 extraction purification process. It is paired with certified Organic fractionated coconut oil (MCT) to create a simple and potent Elixir. In addition to high levels of CBD, this whole plant extraction methodology also delivers a diverse array of naturally occurring strain specific terpenes, and secondary cannabinoids including CBC, CBN, CBG and CBDV to help you achieve the maximum entourage effect.

MCT is virtually colorless, odorless and rapidly digested making it a perfect carrier oil, because it is readily absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and easily metabolized by the liver. By combining MCT and our Full Spectrum CBD we have created a clean, high quality edible formula available in multiple strengths to suit your needs. 

  • Available in 4 high potency formulas

  • Certified Organically Grown in Oregon 

  • Oregon State 3rd party tested 

  • Certified Organic, Full-Spectrum Cannabinoid Extract

  • Alcohol-free, Vegan and Non-GMO