Elixir - 2,060mg CBD (Lemon)

Elixir - 2,060mg CBD (Lemon)

2,060mg CBD - 0.12% THC - 2,450mg Total Cannabinoids


Specifically formulated to the exacting standards of  Dr. Mark D. Filidei, DO Internal Medicine.   Director of Integrative/Functional Medicine, Amen Clinics to use in ongoing research studies. Our strain specific full spectrum elixir is paired with organic essential lemon oil.

 In addition to providing a naturally fresh taste, lemon extract brings its immunity boosting vitamin C, Antiviral and antibacterial properties to the mix.

The Medical world is beginning to see that the anecdotal benefits of CBD could have real therapeutic applications and we are proud to contribute and support those who are researching of all the potential benefits that CBD can provide. We offer you the same product provided to the medical professionals doing this important work. 


Adjusting your dosage has never been simpler. Our easy to use measured dropper allows you to customize your dosage as needed. 


Dosage example:

.5ml (½ dropper) = 17.17mg CBD and 20.41mg total Cannabinoids. 120 total servings per bottle.

1ml (1 full dropper) = 34.33mg CBD and 40.83mg total Cannabinoids. 60 total servings per bottle. 



    Fractionated Certified Organic Coconut OIl, Full Spectrum Co2 Certified Kind Hemp Extract, Certified Organic Essential Lemon Oil.

  • Caution:

    If you are pregnant or on prescribed medication, consult your doctor before use.

    For Adult use Only.  Keep out of the reach of children.

    Contains traces of THC that accumulate causing positive drug test results.

    Store in cool, dry conditions.

    See full disclaimer.